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Gears of War: Hotseat with a friend at chapter 3 on hardcore (Why we're not allowed to run it in insane mode without finishing it first is an enigma).

Devil may cry 3: Mission 5. It's like an ugly cousin of God of War. Similar, but not quite the same and not as good. Controls are not as good as in God of War either. Well you have your setup of moves and they sure do cover everything you need except for the fact that they require a lot of practice before you get the hang of it. In God of War it was more intuitive. Instead of needing three buttons to side roll, God of War only requires ONE!

Final Fantasy X
: Just about to try on my first Blizt ball game. So far I'm not too impressed. Final Fantasy 7 & 8 were more fun. Maybe I just need to play some more... ?
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