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Default The eBay Thread!

Post anything you want here about eBay. Are you selling something new that might interest others on this site? Want to brag about a sale or purchase you did well on? Or bitch about a sale or purchase you got ripped off on? Maybe you know of some rare adventure games for sale? Rare DVDs? Rare anything? Or maybe not even rare, but just something cool. Or maybe you hate eBay and you want to post about how bad it sucks. This is the eBay thread about anything people want to post about.

I've been doing some selling recently on eBay. This is my first time as a seller, but I've been a buyer since 1998. Anyway, I just did a search on these forums for eBay threads, and there are plenty, but I couldn't find one like this one. So I created it. Hope it doesn't die instantly upon arrival...

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