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Just saw Titan A.E

This movie is stupid on so many levels.
[following rant should probably only be read by those who've seen the film]
First of all, though I agree with the Drej that a human race with the opportunity to create planets are dangerous, I don't see why they place themselves as world police, or why the human race is a threat to a bunch of energy beings who doesn't seem to have a home or any reason what so ever for running around destroying things (and all the other aliens doesn't seem to have a opinion of these things, besides not wanting to be in their cross-fire).
When Korso first meets Cale, Cale is only interested in money, and doesn't want to save the human race, so I don't see why Korso first have to convince Cale that the human race is worth saving, and then betray him. He could have just said that he was looking for the Titan so that he could sell it, and give Cale part of the money. He could of course "know" that Cale will fall in love with Akima (I don't see why he needs her or holds her in the dark either), but still it's kinda impractical to make your own enemy..

I also don't understand why some of these alien races are willing to risk their lives, just so some humans can find a ship.
And in the end, all the humans turn out to be honourable, and Korsko of course,
ends his life for the new planet
which they for some reason can move onto just after it's made. Never mind the fact that we needed three or four ice ages to stabilize the environment we have now, or the fact that humans has already made a big chuck of animals extinct by the time their (first) earth was destroyed, and therefore the chance of them having all the dna structures they needed to build a complete eco-system, should be pretty slim..
[/rant over]

In the end, this is a movie that views the human race in a completely positive light, and makes an alien enemy with no reason or past, while all other aliens are either pawns to the humans (or Drejs) or just stupid bullies..

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