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Originally Posted by Hammerite View Post
At that point, I felt that the constant disarming of bombs was getting stale!
But it's picking up now!

All sorts of weird stuff makes this worth playing (Raiden is an 80-year-old transsexual?? WHAT THE HELL!?!), and the fact that you can leave a porno mag to distract guards.

It's a parody of the overly serious thriller that it seems to be from the first section, which is graet!
Good, it's on my shelf awaiting me getting a space for it

Devil May Cry: Fighting some demon spider in mission 3. Getting my romp kicked enough to take a break from it. So far I'm kind of disappointed. If this doesn't pick up, then God of War is a much superior action game.

Tiberian Wars: Second mission in the Scrin campaign.

Final Fantasy X: Just met Yuna for the first time. Nice game even if I think that all those random battles are getting old and I'm not even three hours into the game!
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