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Okay, I have not seen Ocean's 13 but I seriously do not understand how anyone could have enjoyed Ocean's Twelve. It was like they took everything that was good about the first movie, left it out and added *The Nightfox*??? The legendary-- what now?

To add insult to injury they had to go and set this atrocious movie (partly) in Amsterdam. I mean if they'd actually done something interesting with the location, but no...

I'll be over here pretending they only ever made one.

That rant aside, my recent viewings:

300 - Awesome as long as you leave your nit-picky sceptic's hat at home. Visually stunning spectacle of ancient-style ass-kicking and the cool thing is that it's actually a historical (if heavily romanticized) battle, not just some shit Frank Miller made up (not that he doesn't make up some good shit)

Luc Besson's La Femme Nikita - Good film. Odd but well-developed premise. Shares some themes with Besson's other tale of hitmen, Leon, and in fact stars Jean Reno in a small role as Victor the 'cleaner' at one point. Maybe it inspired them to create the later film...

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (original) - Still prefer this one to the extended cut. Much better pacing. And the intro with Gandalf is far more entertaining than Bilbo's narration.

Pirates 3 - Good moments, but pacing and plot was all over the place and most of the story came sorta out of nowhere, connecting none too well to the previous installments.

And I just couldn't accept the justification for resurrecting Barbossa. Oh he was just dead and we needed his coin - gimme a break!

Oh and Death proof - Tarantino as always, smart dialogue, great music... another ode to cinema, if, in this case, the somewhat less classy variety.

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