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Originally Posted by seether295 View Post
I'm about halfway through the first level (if memory from the original Tomb Raider serves me right) and while I'm enjoying it, I'm having trouble finding a control scheme that works for me. I've tried playing with the keyboard, but having to use the mouse to turn the camera 180 degrees every time I hit a wall or need to turn is just downright annoying. It's better with a control pad, but it almost seems like I don't have enough buttons on the darn thing for all the actions I need. Combat is also a chore, but I think that may be b/c I have that all set to manual. I'm going to try automatic tonight and see if that doesn't make it more enjoyable.

Overall though, I'm really enjoying the just feels a bit weird because I've only ever played Tomb Raider on a PS1.
Also, if you don't have one, get a gamepad (they're fairly cheap nowadays); mine's a simple Logitech Dual Action Gamepad (nothing fancy). It makes playing TR:A much simpler and easier.
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