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Originally Posted by After a brisk nap View Post
The audacity of ultimately making Al Swearengen the closest thing the show has to a hero amazed me; I mean, this is a guy who is involved in the slaughter of an entire innocent family in the opening episode.
Yeah, amazing isn't it! I think that is one of the strong points of the show. Compared to the other bad guys Al ain't that bad... Ok, he
bitchslapped Trixie, killed Alma Garret's husband to get a goldclaim, has a commissionair's throat cut, kills "one-of-his-own" to get back into grace with chinese mob boss Wu etc etc, but he also kills the Reverend so the doesn't suffer anymore, forms a "government" and does everything he can to prevent Hearst from taking over town and also to save his own ass

The other characters are kinda worse... Toliver is plain evil, Farnum is a conniving little bastard that begs for mercy when he's caught and Bullock should take some anger management classes.

It's just brilliant writing with an amazing and charismatic cast! Hopefully the 2 planned tv movies live up to my expectations...
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