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I think that Indigo Prophecy (or Fahreheit 451) also is out for the Xbox 360, and then there's Max Payne 2 (a film noir). Both games are maybe not traditional adventuregames...but are great games in their own right. Some consider Deus EX (the first one) some sort of adventure game, too.

Beyond Good & Evil is sometimes classified as an adventure game, too. (it is, but there is some action sequences as well --- but, regardless, it is a very good game.... ).

Looking here:

I've found a game called Castlevania which looks really interesting, to me...

And also Indiana Jones, and the Emperor tombs is there...

the 'beyond good & evil' game has gotten a 7+ rating in Europe, but it still fun (and a bit hard) for adults to play... I like playing it a lot

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