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Originally Posted by Christian IV View Post
I am really enjoying Jade Empire, I LOVE the graphics, and the beauty of the artistry, it is like playing in a series of living paintings, the voice actings is top notch, the game play engrossing and entertaining and the story line is one of the nicest I have encountered in a long time. I love the phlisophy and the angst of it all...
Have you played the Ayshi The Mournful Blade quest yet? Easily the most tear jerking for me.

I also want to mention i find the compaion functions one of the best sets of such I have seen, they are reasonable, work well and make interacting with a companion rewarding and very attractive. I have avoided such as I do not have an encycopedic brain for tons of details and codes and such and this system is both user frinedly and interacts well with the story line.
You're playing the PC version, I gather. I have the Xbox version so don't know if I can play it as well with mouse & keyboard.

I will try to post some screenies later, the visuals are just stunning. I now harbor hopes for a sequel and I am not even done with the 'beginning" of it all
Don't hope that much, Bioware is toying around with the idea of a sequel. And if the same happens again and Microsoft supports it, it'll first be an Xbox360 exclusive and will port to PC shortly after.

As much as some hardcore RPG gamers bitch and complain ( and you know who you are, you dumb selfish whiny tools), I'm swimmingly excited that developers like Bioware and Bethesda are more supportive of these kinds of RPGs for a wider audience.

Why the hell should those snobby-ass gamers be the only ones to enjoy such rich worlds just because they think they can handle the mind bogglingly insane (and often times unnecessary) micro-micromanagement of stats? Fook that, I don't want to spend 75% of the time doing math, I wanna explore, get story, and get totally lost in such worlds!

End of rant.
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