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I am really enjoying Jade Empire, I LOVE the graphics, and the beauty of the artistry, it is like playing in a series of living paintings, the voice actings is top notch, the game play engrossing and entertaining and the story line is one of the nicest I have encountered in a long time. I love the phlisophy and the angst of it all. I am playing as Prodigy Lu and he is having a great time in spite of my fumble fingeredness re the action sequences, which are kind enough to allow me to continue but with the setttings possible I can see it would also be ok for more skilled players at such. I have finally "saved" the Forest, not thanks to the Mother, geez, and now have new adventures to look forward to.

I also want to mention i find the compaion functions one of the best sets of such I have seen, they are reasonable, work well and make interacting with a companion rewarding and very attractive. I have avoided such as I do not have an encycopedic brain for tons of details and codes and such and this system is both user frinedly and interacts well with the story line.

I will try to post some screenies later, the visuals are just stunning. I now harbor hopes for a sequel and I am not even done with the 'beginning" of it all
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