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I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End last night with a couple of friends.

Man it was long, but I didn't mind as Johnny Depp was rocking the hell out of his character. I'm telling you, he is The Best actor in the world, always has been, always will.

The movie itself was a pretty much fun ride, though at the last quarter of the movie, I got bored with the huge CGI scenes that took over way too much of the action. Enough is a enough like Samuel L. Jackson would say.

I didn't find the movie to have a sad ending, though Will Turner died, he did live damnit! He became an immortal and could still be with Elizabeth Swann so it was a Disney ending after all. I don't mind about that, maybe this kind of movie series needed that kind of a love story ending.

All in all, it was a great summer movie, but to me it was weaker than the first which was a pure fun pirate adventure movie, and weaker than the second which was like watching a Monkey Island movie.

The third one went to a way more supernatural route. I think what made the movie a lot easier for the people watching it was the continuous slapstick humor, there was something funny stuff happening all the time! That was great that Gore Verbinski made the movie very funny in general and not a serious doom and gloom movie that it could've turned out to with all the dying and war going on.

I didn't see the extra scene, because we were "pushed out" of the movie theater during the credits so I hope nobody spoils that for me, I'm going to watch that on dvd later.
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