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Originally Posted by Lucien21 View Post
I felt it was let down by a couple of things that stopped it being more hardcore. Combat is more FPS with easy access spells and weapons. The leveling system that adjusts the enemies based on your level is probably the worst error in the game.
I think it's similar to what's been happening in the adventure space in the recent years. Back in the day nobody would even think of decrying a game as some sort of a lesser RPG just because it featured real-time combat or made things more accessible. Things like that have been seen as advancements, not failures. It's only now, when archaic mechanisms have mostly been taken over by, frankly, better solutions that this yearn for purity is starting to emerge in certain circles.

Something being "hardcore" is not necessarily a good thing. It means being hermetic and accessible to only the select few. Things move on, people either accept that and adapt or get stuck in the past. That's also not necessarily a bad thing, people can choose to do what they want and if they enjoy, say, turn-based combat and stat micromanagement, more power to them. I just believe that when their bitterness (because the masses don't share their tastes anymore) emerges in the form of elitist attacks on people who disagree with them, they should simply be ignored. Because what is there to say? Nobody is right and everyone is right at the same time.
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