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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens View Post
You know, JemyM, if I may be frank, that's one of the most insensitively snobbish and thoughtlessly dismissive remarks I've heard here in a long time. Who are you to insinuate that I and many others who play Oblivion are not thought of as highly as PC gamers?

You're 21 alright. And I'm 40 years old, have a Fine Arts degree, have lived twice as long as you, experienced as much in my life,, played games on the original Atari 2600 and Intellivision, and many people who CHOOSE to play these kinds of games on console have their reasons. Just because you've played some of the great games in this particular genre shouldn't mean you should belittle intelligent people like me who are also a very powerful force in the market for video games. I for one AM NOT SORRY that I don't meet YOUR standards.

I'm sick of these high nosed PC gaming snobs thinking they're god's gift to the gaming world.

Aren't you guys here sick of it too?
I am 29, I have played pen and paper and computer RPGs since I was 8, thereby "21". My first computer roleplaying games (I started gaming earlier with space invaders, pacman and kings quest on 8086) was Ultima 1 and Pools of Radiance on c64.

Oblivion is a decent game but it's a terrible RPG.

Like many oldschool roleplayers im tired on the claim that Oblivion is a great "RPG" when it barely contains anything of what made the great RPGs great in the first place. It's more like a first person adventure in a simulated world. Imagine if I would tell you that DOOM was the best adventuregame there was since you can collect keys and use them, and you might imagine whats so annoying about the claim. Especially when the real RPG's of 2006 like NWN2 and Gothic 3 was compared to Oblivion in most reviews when both, despite their flaws, contained all the rpg elements that Oblivion never had. What if every adventuregame released was compared to Half-Life 2?

Why do I even care? I fear that Bethesda will use the same lack of rpg elements for Fallout 3, thereby trashing one of the greatest roleplaying series of all time. In RPG quality Fallout 2 makes Oblivion look like something made by people who never played any rpg's at all. I expect the worst.

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