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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens View Post
Don't you just love Oblivion? I'll bet it steal hours and hours away from your life, as it is currently doing so from mine. Sigh, if only we could have some adventure games that looked this good, played this intelligently, and offered exploration this deep.
Yes, I love Oblivion. But I still think Morrowind was a much better game When that is said, I haven't dared to touch Morrowind since I played it for the first time(in 2004), so I might get disappointed if I replay it today. Anyway, I thought Morrowind had much greater differences(variety) from town to town, and area to area. Also, Morrowind is bigger and I really got the feeling of being a stranger in a different world. I love that feeling! The only things I really missed in Morrowind are people talking, the fix that you couldn't drop quest objects in Oblivion, and the easy journal system in Oblivion. Apart from that, I feel they really spent more time on making all parts of Morrowind much more unique and special than they have done on Oblivion.

In Oblivion, it seems like they spent so much time on the dialog system, that they could really have used another year or two developing the areas. But then again, Oblivion had a much more focus on the mainstream audience than Morrowind ever had, so I'm sure they captured many more customers by "fixing" some of the stuff I loved in Morrowind that I missed in Oblivion. Also, Oblivion was post-phoned at least one time, so I really think they had a publisher who started adding pressure on them to finish, and that they had to release the game before they could "perfect it". But then again, some aspects of Morrowind seems pretty "unperfected" as well, such as: Why were all those prisoners in different places, and you could pay to free them. Still, there never were a quest where freeing them really made any sense. I mean, seems to me like they were planning some quest you could take after you had freed all or something like that, but never got the time for do it.
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