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Originally Posted by akane_t View Post
I object! Step's cool and all but he does have that thing with the Evil Shirts. The Consigliere will handle interfacing with the outside world. We need to pick someone more suave.

Step with the Evil Shirts on <> suave spokesperson.

Besides, Step strikes me as someone who's honest and trustworthy. We can't have someone like that representing the Family! Perish the thought! We need a smooth talker, an exaggerator, a liar. Think Pat Robertson or Tony Snow.
Um........thanks.............I think.
Originally Posted by akane_t View Post
No way, Tibster. You should be able to pull off the suave part but unfortunately, you are one of those honest, hard-working type just like Step.
But he's a student. You can't put "hard-working" next to a student!.
Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
I vote for me. I'm evil. I have a disturningly large amount of knowledge about weaponry. I know various ways to kill some instantly without making noise. That qualifies me, no doubt.
Well, you see, that disqualifies you immediately. The consigliere's job is to be the polite face that makes the offers. The weaponry guys only come out when that fails. Plus you don't look like Robert Duvall (Unlike me. )

Tell you what, you can be Luca Brasi. Don't make any long-term plans.
Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Man, I cannot believe I wasted a Hitchhiker's reference.
I cannot believe that I'm now picturing you as a cat sitting on a toilet reading a newspaper. Jelena is also inextricably becoming Garbo despite my certain knowledge she doesn''t quite look like that (apart from the whole casual elegance part. She's got that bit down)
Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
It takes a terrible hard blow to force bones into the brain, though. With a self-defense aid, like brass knuckles, it could be possible, or with a kick. Still, those can both be most unwieldy and hard to execute manuevers. Personally, I hold with knives. Or a simple twist of the neck.

Also, breaking the sternum, by kicking it or other various method, can stop the heart. That's one of the manuevers that I appreciate immensely.
For a man that knows so much about weaponry you show a surprising lack of need for any.
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