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Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens View Post
I get the feeling the games industry is ultimately no different from most other industries, but on some levels it's far worse because of nerd psychology.
Or maybe because nobody has tried to give it a good spanking so far, because... except for the occasional scapegoating whenever today's video game addicted youth does the unthinkable (like going on a killing spree, living whole life's in Worlds Of Warcrafts or eating Chicken McNuggets with barbeque sauce thrice a day), nobody's ever done anything to give it that good, proper spanking when needed. A pity, since all infants need that or so I'm told.

And self-control? Who needs self-control if the cash cow never dries up? Another (sad) question would be: What would be the selling point for most of the games out there if there wasn't some tech buzz of some kind?
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