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Originally Posted by undeaf View Post
Yes, technologically mass effect would be derivative. But the technological aspects of games get far too much attention.
That's because the nerds in the industry and the gaming nerds like us have nothing else better to do but keep being sluts about it and so marketing and media in turn become sluts about it as well, and that's the only shit you ever hear about. That's the nature of the nerd, to have multiple orgasms over things like the latest graphics and engines while turning out derivative drivel in the gameplay and content department. And that is the nature, unfortunately, of technology based and technology dependent entertainment - to keep whoring out and jonesing on the next available technical advancements, never mind the elements that truly matter to the human spirit.

Me, I got into RPGs like KOTOR and Jade Empire because I loved the adventuring, stories, characters, and exploration, NOT because I whore out on the technical stuff. In the end, I respond to the humanistic strengths in games, and if the graphics and whatever else serve to elevate those strengths it makes my experience that much more rich.
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