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Originally Posted by undeaf View Post
No, I'm not seriously expecting a BG3.

Aren't Obsidian just a regrouping of Black Isle anyway? They've been doing derivative work based on Bioware stuff for a long while. Eg, torment and the IWD series. It's probably just that they don't have the coding power to make their own engines. They used lithtech when they tried to start something more original, "Torn", which apparently was shaping up to be a complete disaster.

Although they were able to competantly make some small changes to the infinity engine. The original icewind dale was the only IE game in which OpenGL actually sped things up.(heart of winter changed that though)
And Bioware are using their own engine to build Mass Effect??? By your argument, Mass Effect is derivative work of Epic stuff because they are using their engine. How does one company building their own engine dictate the quality of that companie's work?
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