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Originally Posted by Phantom
By implementing a controlable camera you're basically admitting that your own camera control is flawed. A controlable camera should therefore never be a goal on its own... it's just a solution if you can't fix the camera in another way. Things like a camera distract the player from the game experience ("hey, there's a floating camera hanging right behind me and I can control it with my mind!"). I can't think of a single game in which a controlable camera would be a good thing.
But now I am only talking about 3rd person games like Zelda... obviously in a RTS it's a totally different issue. There's really not an option there, but I think the starter of this topic wasn't really thinking about these games either.
Yes, you're right. I think only action/plataform games have camera trouble...

But its good to know that other genres don't have these problems...

I'm begining to think to think that if the camera control is flawed it is becaused of the level design, I guess the don't have the same people on camera control than in level design...

But, not all games with good camera control are that way because of good programming, sometimes the take the "cowards way" out....

Take games like Sonic DX and Mario Sunshine, they don't have camera problems but they don't have extremely complex interiors like POP: SOT...
The camera can't get stuck in a wall or behind it if there aren't any walls around, right?

A fixed camera is not the ideal thing in a plataform or action game either, sometimes you need to take a look of the surroundings and see what's ahead and sometimes you need a closer look, in the same screen...

If we combine a bad camera control with a mediocre control system, then we get a very frustrating game...
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