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Hot Fuzz
I actually saw this on a preview about two weeks ago, but I noticed that it's arriving in cinemas in USA this Friday, and thought I should comment on it.


The movie is funny, and has many homages to Shaun of the Dead, the filming is interesting, and so are the characters. But the ending ruined the movie for me. There's a real murder mystery in this little town, and Nicholas Angel is the only one seeing it. everything builds up nicely, and we have many suspects, but the solution and the following action is just immensely stupid, and ruined it for me.

I still have a problem with humoristic gore, but it is somewhat lesser that Shaun of the Dead (even though that's not saying a lot), and that's one of the things that lessened my experience of this film and story.

The bottom line is that if you liked Shaun of the Dead, you'll probably like this, if you didn't like Shaun of the Dead, either for it's humour of for it's gore (or both) I would be careful with spending your money on this one..

Even so, I couldn't stand Shaun of the Dead, there was just something that I really reacted badly to. It made me feel really bad inside, and I completely broke down - I haven't a clue why. (I was understandably very sceptical towards seeing this one, but we had free tickets) But, I liked this movie up until the end, I'm glad I went, and laughed many times (also up until the end). Therefore, you might like this one even though you didn't like Shaun of the Dead, it would probably depend on what you didn't like about Shaun..

on a different note, I'm finally finished with viewing the top five on IMDB's list.

It took some time, mostly because I was gone for the easter, but also because my BF isn't especially fond of the LotR movies, and we decided to watch them chronologically.

5. Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King


Definitively my favourite of the three. We know the characters, we know the story, and now we see it unwield. it's the rise of a king, the fall of the weak (Saruman and Denethor) and in the end, everything is solved and the good win..

One thing that annoys me with the film, is that it keeps "ending" and then decides "no, a little bit more". It does that at least three times..

Fellowship of the Rings - 8
Two Towers - 7

Next five films are:
6. Casablanca
7. Pulp Fiction
8. Schindler's List
9. Star Wars ep. 5 (Ep. four first)
10. Seven Samurai

(I'm following the list that was about a month ago, not the one that's now. The current one has Pulp fiction on 5.)
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