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Well, as you may have noticed I returned from my sojourn on the Continent this Monday, and here is my holiday recap.

Things got off to an interesting start. as I was being driven to the airport we crossed a bridge over the motorway, and below was quite a sight. The carriageway on one side was at a complete standstill as far as the eye could see, and the other side it was completely deserted for the same distance. Children from the stopped vehicles had crossed the central reservation and could be seen playing a game of football on the empty carriageway.

My flight was quite pleasant, I ordered orange juice and a small bottle of sparkling wine, and made myself a Mimosa, which helped to while away the time. To my delight we arrived ahead of schedule.

I spent most of my days relaxing, which was something I wasn't sure I'd be able to accomplish. I always like to have something to do, (which is probably why I so often find myself bored, through lack of sufficient entertainment) so the idea of voluntarily doing nothing worried me slightly. It turned out I was quite content to spend my days just sitting on the balcony reading my book, or listening to some music. On a couple of occasions I went to the driving range to hit a few balls. After my first bucket of 100 I finally remembered how to swing the club. I'm blaming Wii Sports for my initial deficiency. I decided not to play a game of golf in the end, I was quite happy just practicing my swing and didn't feel much like walking around the course. I did pay a visit to the nineteenth hole however.

The weather was most agreeable. In Easter it's not too hot, which appeals to me. The first few days it was a little overcast in the morning, but as I'm a late riser that didn't pose a problem for me. On Wednesday however it rained like mad, so I went and did a little shopping, then watched a few episodes from my Knots Landing DVD, which I had taken with me. A taxi driver told me they have a saying there: "Abril, águas mil!" Basically meaning that it rains a lot in the month of April. For the rest of the week there was not a cloud in the sky.

I had some delicious meals whilst there. Twice I had filet steak, both times cooked to perfection. I also partook in my favourite Portuguese dish, Chicken Piri-Piri. I visited a couple of restaurants I've liked in the past, and discovered some nice new ones as well. I also satisfied my craving for pancakes, I had a crêpe with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

It was fairly quiet, so there wasn't much in the way of entertainment going on. One night early on I visited a bar/restaurant I like, and where I know the owner, for a post dinner drink. I sat there quite happily sipping on a glass of Bailey's, and listening to the Pianist performing some Frank Sinatra songs. Another night I went to a bar where they had a cabaret show on, which was quite amusing. The performer did make the mistake of singing the Smokie song "Living Next Door to Alice" which is traditionally has audience participation, whereafter the line "I've been living next door to Alice." the audience chants in response "Alice? Who the fuck is Alice?" I say mistake as there appeared to be family crowd, although those of us joining in may have been in the minority. hehe.

I did purchase a disposable camera, but I didn't actually take any photos. I wasn't really sure what to shoot, nothing seemed particularly interesting to me. Perhaps it's because I've been there several times before and everything seems so familiar, I've lost that tourist perspective.

I have some news which I know many of you will find startling... I have a sun tan... Yes, you read that correctly. No longer am I a beautiful statue carved from alabaster, but one forged in bronze! I decided to challenge my traditional hatred of the sun, and I must say, it wasn't all that bad. My description of my tan may be a slight exaggeration however. As I'm not one to don a Speedo and sunbathe, I merely sat on a deck chair in shorts & a t-shirt reading my book, so while my face, arms and lower legs are bronze, my torso remains white as ever. I don't plan on showing anyone my tan lines however, so it's fine.

In more news, I'm back on men. The number of gorgeous men I saw while away is incredible. From hot models in adverts, random cute guys at the airport, and bartenders so fit I needed extra ice in my drink. I spent a couple of nights in this one bar unashamedly staring at these two bartenders that couldn't have been more my type. Unfortunately straight men are no fun to flirt with, so now I'm back home I'm on the prowl again. I haven't given up my vow of chastity though, and I'm still disillusioned with gay men, so I'm changing the rules of the game.

Well, that's all I can think of to say for now, I hope those of you who are interested enjoyed my recap. I know I've forgotten a few things I had mind to tell you about, so I'll add them later as soon as they return to my memory.

Edit: I just remembered one of the things I forgot to mention. On the flight back there was a cute gay flight attendant, who looked a bit like Charlie Hunnam. I gave him a little smile as I disembarked.
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