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Oh dear, this was supposed to be a poll.... I got an error while posting it and thought I lost the whole thread, but I just lost the poll options...

Back to the thread subject...

You are right, strategy and surivival horror have good camera control, but since its fixed in survival horror, it simply can't give you any trouble.
It's very cinematic, the camera is always in the best place, so it won't ruin the mood of the game...

If we go genre by genre, the genre with most camera trouble would be the action/plataform one...

In plataform games you die constantly because the camera changes in a middle of jump, or because you can't see where you are anymore....

The problem is that the camera is an object in the game, so it can't go through walls and it CAN get stuck sometimes...

I wonder if there are other genres with camera troubles?
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