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Have a great time Jat! How can you not like warm climates? Anything better than those rainy days in GB or Holland for that matter...

Originally Posted by Intrepid Homoludens View Post
I myself will be heading up to San Francisco next Thursday for ten days.
I love San Fransisco!

If you're going to visit Alcatraz, be sure to take the "night" tour. You can take some amazing pictures!

Some pictures I took in San Fran (I use them as wallpaper on computer @ work :

On our way to the Italian Restaurant

Boats at Fisherman's Wharf

On the boat back to mainland

This year I'm going to Germany!

I'm going to visit Munich and Fuessen GK style. Yup, that means trips to Neuschwanstein, Herrenchiemsee, Frauenkirche and hopefully some more stuff

Can't wait for the summer!
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