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Default Vacation

In a rare occurrence, I have decided to go on holiday.

Iíve realised that itís time for me to take a necessary break from people & places I know, from men, and to have a rest. So despite my distaste for air travel and warm climates, I am heading to the Continent for a brief respite.

I went to see my hairdresser today for a cut & colour, and I look fabulous. My luggage is all packed, I have my sunglasses, and tomorrow I jet off to the Algarve for ten days.

Amongst other things, I plan to work on my golf game, and catch up on some reading, as I realised today that Iíve neglected to pick up The Decameron in six months.

Try not to miss me too much! (Although Iím sure itíll likely be the other way around, I go through withdrawal when I canít use the internet. )

The Algarve, Southern Portugal.
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