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Originally Posted by eXo View Post
If they had the technology in 2000 to make the ps2 that small then they would have - do you honestly think they choose to make it bigger and bulkier on purpose?? It took them over 4 years to work it down and release a second version.

There is nothing unnecessary about it at all. It was a natural progression of making a smaller, sleeker system at less cost to the consumer.

If you like it when companies sell you 5 year old technology and do nothing to make it smaller and more reliable then I suggest buying Eastern European electronics.
but it's not at 'less cost' to the consumer is it, when they begin selling the new ps2's the older models go way down in price. the only benefice from the new model is that it isn't programmed to break down after the warranty runs out like the original. well, that and the noise reduction i suppose. and do you honestly think it took a mighty four years for those brainy japanese giants to make a slim ps2?! they pulled that trick with the first playstation.

and finally, don't make any condescending suggestions to me for the sake of a quick laugh, it's just plain negetive.
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