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Originally Posted by Jelena View Post
Visby is on the west coast of Gotland, but one could say that the entire island of Gotland is on the east coast of Sweden......

OK, I'll come up with something truly eastcoastal.

Where is Trumgottist btw? He knows the island best.
May I draw your attention to
Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
What about the sun coming up over Strandpromenaden? Would that be close enough?
(Strandpromenaden being in Visby, to which the reply was)
Originally Posted by Trumgottist View Post
I think I'd prefer somewhere on the east coast. For Strandpromenaden, a sunset would be more fitting.
so I think we have to come up with something east coast Gotland. East coast Sweden just isn't cutting it.

Is "Frasse" pronounced with two syllables? If so "Frasse and his Peas of Kejick" could work.
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