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Originally Posted by Nautilus View Post
It takes no more than 20 min to do it all. DOS/Win95/98 installs really fast on mondern machines running VirtualPC.
If the user has the original disks. Most have either mislaid them, have a "rescue disk" from the manufacturer, not the original OS, or (shock) have pirated setups made by a local one man OEM. The last time I offered to help someone with their computer they didn't even know what OS they had!

It probably depends on what kind of game you run. Hardcore gamers can be expected to know more than casual gamers, and if (like me) you target people who don't normally play more than Solitaire, then Vista compatibility is a real concern!

Vista seems to require separate paths for game and ini files really grates with me, since I like things to be neat and tidy. My game only has five files including saved games (and one of the five files is the game icon!) so spreading these across two or three folders and virtual folders just seems like madness. Right now, Linux is looking more and more attractive. But I'm using the Inno installer and won't release until December so I'm crossing my fingers that by then everything will be idiot proof and I won't have to even think about it.
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