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Played a bit of Dreamfall. It looks nice, nothing impressive, but the visuals are clean and colorful and the world is well designed.

Controls could use a bit of tuning. I don't know if it's just my gamepad, but the focus field isn't very precise, it's sometimes hard to select things you want to interact with. The whole interacting with objects part is a little clumsy and I don't think the objects you can interact with are well outlined, especially people - especially when they're standing behind other stuff.

The combat controls are not awful awful, but yeah, they're pretty bad.

I don't really like the dialogue. I can sympathize with Zoe because I'm in a pretty similar situation myself, but young people don't talk like that, at least not where I'm from. Maybe Ragnar should ease up on Dawson's Creek a little.
I suppose it won't be much of a problem when the focus shifts from character exposition to adventuring and progressing the story so the sooner that happens, the better.

Judging by what I've seen so far, I liked both Fahrenheit's interface and characterization a bit better, but I'm hoping Dreamfall will have a better overall story (that shouldn't be too hard ).
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