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Originally Posted by MdaG View Post
You seem to go through a lot of games in the time it takes me to get through one. Who are you and what is it you do to find the time?
Simple question, advanced reply...

I never play games for the challenge, just the story and the experience.

When I was a child my mother always read stories to me and we often visited the movies, therefore I grew up to have stories and storytelling as a hobby. I sometimes go beyond the story and study the narrative out of pure interest. I enjoy the way they can deliver thoughts or messages, or sometimes just entertainment. I dream about one day to use this knowledge as tools for education.
What I feel is that the more senses a piece of fiction can fill the better. Books/Audiobooks only occupy eyes or ears. Movies occupy eyes and ears. Games occupy eyes and ears and also give you control over your virtual self. So I find that games tend to deliver the best stories.

Adventuregames are virtual stories, so they ofcourse end up first, but I also enjoy other genr├ęs that do not drop the story such as roleplaying games and even some firstperson shooters.

At the age of 29 I am currently reading up school with the plan to be a programmer or engineer (I used to be a webdesigner), maybe so I can start to create the kind of educational software I spoke about above. Since I only study part time it gives me alot of free time.

I try to check up games before I play them, and I usually only play games that had some recognition (I do the same with movies). This so I wont waste time. Then I play them from the beginning to the end, using walkthroughs to speed up the experience without halts. That way I chew through alot of games. I have a list of games released prior to 1995 that I plan to complete before I begin with 1995-2000. At this pace I will probably be done next summer. I usually go through 1-3 games per week. My wife plays alot of SWG so she isnt bothered about my gaming hours.

When I am done I remember what was good, what was bad, how the story was delivered and it's structure/architecture and I store this in my memory for future use.

Ofcourse I usually end up enjoying games that manage to deliver a great experience and also a philosophical message that rise thought. For example, I currently play Jade Empire and I liked the philosophy behind Open Palm/Closed Fist. Unfortunally the game later fall into a strict good vs evil plot in which the character actions go between being extremely altruistic or extremely rude, not somewhere inbetween.
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