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Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Their has to be blood between us step, you wouldn't happen to be kin to any Seviers or Guilliams would you?
Not as far as I'm aware.
Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post
Search your feelings, stepsie, you know you want to!

Having terrible "Peter Andre doing Mysterious Girl" flashbacks here.
Originally Posted by Jat316sob View Post
There must be female dwarfs, unless they asexually divide... which would just be creepy...
There are female dwarves but they also have beards. Dwarf courting largely consists of trying to find out the sex of the other dwarf. (Thanks to TP for that information)
Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
I've come to a realization. This thread is this forum. The rest is simply an appendage.
Any get out into the rest of the appendage these day?
Originally Posted by Jat316sob View Post
Haha, the self important fools! You can't legislate against a fundamental law of the universe!
Sure you can. The orbit of the earth has changed just for that state since then.
Originally Posted by Jat316sob View Post
How about a little Mussolini instead then?

Little Mussoline? He seems to be a somewhat bulky chap.
Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Hey! I know a gal named Boney Marony.
Are you sure she isn't a pizza? (See number 20)
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A thread most controversial, that’s what I want to start
Full of impassioned arguments, of posting from the heart
And for this stimulation all will be thankful to me
On come on everybody it won’t work if you agree

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