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I can't tell you how happy I am to hear your comments on the game (you seemed to complete it fairly quick considering its length!)

The upgrades and masterskills are very challenging to find, especially all of them. I had to refer to a guide to find Pal and Paco's excellent weapons as they are both some of the most inconceivably ridiculous tasks in a game to date considering the bugs with the TACOS and all.

I would have warned you about the "very hard" bit seeing as though the battles are not worth putting much time into, but you had already started. Normal will allow you to take your time on the parts that are done specifically well, namely the level design and scripting (NPC or otherwise).

This time around I recommend choosing a different character to join you before going to Hephestus other than the required Boots and Democratus. In doing so you will actually be able to play different levels after the whole event on the Ricktus (comic book villian) ship. There is one completely unique level for each Pal, Stiletto, and the Doc.

I also recommend some of the sidequests which are very fun and involving. For example, finding the Red Bibis, solving the Tetra Drug mystery with Detective Ruhk, and joining the Resistance. There are plenty of others as well, but those are some of the more challenging yet rewarding tasks (although, if you really want to torture yourself you can try to obtain all of the TACOS if the quest isn't still glitchy).

The latest patch allows you to use a fast forward button for long walks or fast travelling which by default I think is the backslash key but can be changed. Also, the patch allows for the taxi cab use in and around the Bricks and some other Anachronox planet locations. If you want, you should try heading over to and check out some of the threads there. I still moderate there occasionally but all in all that site is dead save a few vigilant individuals here and there. Enjoy the second time around!
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