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I just finished Anachronox. Wow.


[unintersting Anachronox love-speel follows...]

Its definitely right up there with my other top two (Arcanum & Planescape) rpgs. It beats them both in many areas. If I could change one thing about the game it would be an even more helpful Fatima life cursor in relation to sidequests. If I could even just access her sendernet connection for hints about where the next weapon/power upgrade for the team members was...

So much of the game's content is search and find which is really 'old school' but a real time and ocassional fun-killer. For the first time in ages I had a pen and paper by the computer while playing a game.

I kind of regret playing it in very hard mode now, some of the battles where just really drawn out affairs. Instead of making the fights more interesting it just made some of the 'tougher' battles excrutiatingly long & dull. In two cases, I could not progress without twinking (using shadow bracers).

The rest of the game is a masterpiece. The story is a funny and smart affair, the characters somehow whacky and also serious. I'm playing it again, this time on normal, with the debug menu to switch characters to cut down on backtracking on Sender station station, and in smaller doses (its a hard game to stop playing).
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