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Originally Posted by TangentBlack View Post
Jemy, you will have to tell me how Titan Quest goes for you as I am also thinking about playing that as well. The expansion that is to be released soon perked my interest and sounds like an entertaining experience.
As a fan of good stories I believe Titan Quest is for the multiplayer experience only.
Kill, loot, kill, loot etc, you get stronger, you kill stronger monsters, quests are never exciting and always solved on the way (100% linear) as long as you explore all areas you can. No puzzles, no plottwists, barely even a plot at all. It's an actiongame and that's pretty much it. The only thing that change throughout the game is the character who gains xp. If that's your thing go ahead. I do not think I would play it if it wasnt to have something to do together with my girlfriend.
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