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Originally Posted by Crunchy in milk View Post
Interesting coincidence (to Tangentblack's avatar at the time of this posting) I'm playing through Anachronox. I started on normal but the fighting was just too easy so I restarted on very hard. As such, I've played up to Sender Station One twice now. Great, funny game even having to do that twice. Unfortunately 'very hard' is still way too easy, even after the 1.02 build 46 patch.

Outside of combat the game is [email protected]$%^ing-tastic. It took me a little while to get past the quake 1 and 2 blocky models but I'm in love now and barely notice them anymore. Grumpo's yammer special attack is funny EVERY SINGLE TIME.

I have a game of the original Icewind dale going too. It uses the infinity engine (like Planescape) but I can't recommend it to Catbert. IWD is an unforgiving D&D title that has you playing up to 6 player generated characters slogging through tough battle after nightmare battle, with a little bit of story now and then .

I love it in small doses but the further I play the smaller the doses get. It seems like you need a degree in D&D stats, races and equipment just to get anywhere in it. I'm dreading when high level mages and clerics are regular opponents. Knowing what to cast and when (to the microsecond) is a headache I don't need.

For lighter fun I play a level of Darwinia occasionally. Its like lemmings meets Dune 2 meets the movie Tron.
I'm happy with Planescape but the combat in it sucks. It's not the rules, it's the implementation, I guess the infinity engine wasn't that great for combats.
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