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Originally Posted by TangentBlack View Post
Haha, ok, I hope you enjoy it. For some reason I got the impression that you were new to the genre, but obviously I was mistaken. There are plenty of obscure fantasy based RPGs out there that are sometimes very rewarding to discover on your own as well. I would love to hear how you like the game once you get into it!
I'm kinda newish to D&D rules, that's all. I believe KOTOR had those rules but they blended in with the game, you barely saw any rolls in combat at all and as long as the fights went smoothly and I had a control over what the stats mean, I'm ok with it. The real problem is with the classes. I don't have a clue if a paladin, a barbarian or a wizard can do what I like most in a character. I like my RPG PCs Persuasive and ass kicking
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