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But it hasn't come Full Circle yet.

That said, I am now going to recommend "Mind's Eye" which really is a truly outstanding Adventure game, and deserving of the AGS Awards it got (Best Animation in an AGS game, and Best Character Art in an AGS game, but I also think the story is great. I seem to have a thing for games in an asylum where you play one of the inmates. Hmmm...I should get back to playing Sanitarium one day...). Also, I like the look of the main character, as well as his character. I generally seem to like characters that seem to have shaggy black hair that hardly lets you see their eyes, and a beard. Really, if there's a character like that around, they're often some of my favourite characters, for some uncertain reason. I guess I just like that design.

So go play it already! (If the insanity scenes are too slow on your computer, you might want to change the settings so that you use 16 bit instead of 32 bit graphics.).

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