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So here I present to you, Elf Manmeat, from the NWN 2 Fanfic group. The fact that it is from the non-adult site shows that it is indeed art suitable for the masses. From Sand's short modeling career. He has a very good body, for a wizard (must be all that cross country trekking).

"Naked Elf in Bathhouse"

"You mean without my Staff of Magi?"


Come on guys, you're secure enough in your manhood to be able to see some pixelated manmeat, aren't you?

Originally Posted by stepurhan View Post
Speak for yourself. I'm a woman-candy sort of bloke.

Woman candy and assorted kinds of smut are reserved for the NWN 2 Adult Fanfic group (also known as the The Site That Cannot Be Named™ at the Bioware forums).

So I'm afraid, I can't post it here. There's a nice picture of Neeshka there though, that isn't too risque, which I might show you.

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