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Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post
I want to play that game too! Zombies for the win!
I'm sure I already read about a zombie eating game quite recently. Not this one but definitely something involving eating brains.
Originally Posted by Jazhara7 View Post
Okay, maybe it's geek humour.
Nothing wrong with geek humour provided you're a geek (which fortunately I am. )
Originally Posted by rlpw View Post
Do you ever wonder how late Robsie stays up to make sure he is the last one to post on this thread?
Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
There is far too much emotional manipulation going on in this thread.

I feel left out .
<plays Rob's emotions like an expensive violin. (I'm seeing Rob as the Stradivarius of manipulated emotions here)
Originally Posted by RLacey View Post
-- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. . / .. ... / ..-. ..- -. .-.-.-
I'd work out what that says but I'm too lazy. Probably just something about the thread dying.
Originally Posted by akane_t View Post
Speaking of Comics, I thought they were supposed to make you laugh. This one just made me sad mostly because how it truly reflects a certain portion of the American society.
If you think comics are just to make you laugh then you should probably avoid Art Spiegelman's Maus. Sometimes the comic is just another form in which to get the point across.

But to take "Get Fuzzy" (which was the source of the original comic) sometimes the humour comes from depicting something that people can identify with. As a result, it is possible to lose the humour because the truth thus shown is all too apparent. I personally like to think that there really aren't that many real people in the world as stupid and venal as Bucky (the cat) but it is worrying to think that characters like that might exist in reality.
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