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Originally Posted by Giligan View Post
You mean Aldi's?
Those stores make Wal-Mart look a high-end store on fifth avenue. I mean, it's a real crap store where you can buy a can of beans, a flyswatter, and a digital camera all on the same tiny aisle. And you have to buy each bag individually.

Yeah, and once a year, they also sell top quality computers, which go away like fresh bread.

I should know, I have one of those computers. Their computers are really wanted around here, because they are quite good, for a good price.

And they have the best Apple Mus in the world! And their waffles. And they're about the only place you can ger decent chocolate chip cookies around here (unless you have access to some freshly baked by someone).

They might be cheap, but some of their stuff is really good. Some more expensive stuff just doesn't taste as good, despite the price.

They also have the fastest cashier people in the world, at least here in Germany.

And here in Germany, I think you have to buy bags even in WalMart.


But last but not least, they *ARE* evil. But I still shop at them for some things. Know thine enemy, I just say!

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