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Story, definitely.

A Bunny as the King of England, or Morrissey as the Queen of England?

Originally Posted by Hammerite View Post
* hugs Jaz *
*hugs Hammykins*

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Mea culpa. I did mean Jazhara666. I take it that you are from the Great Empire of Kesh. Are you a Trueblood?
Ah, finally a sage with knowledge of my felt home, Kesh. No, I am afraid I am not a Trueblood, as my attachments to that country are only in that of my patron, the mage Jazhara of Kesh. I hope I do her justice with my name. It would pain me to know she disapproves of my actions.

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Don't mind Jaz. She's, erm.....a bit detached.
I love you too, Trepsie.

*hugs Trepsie*

Here, have a Life Cookie.

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