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Default Choices ...

I got this idea from another board. They have a thread like this that has been going on for months and has more than 1,100 posts. I bet we can do better.

Here's what we do.

You are given two choices. You have to choose one out of the two and leave another set of two choices for the next person.

For example, say we start out with:

Gabriel Knight or Guybrush Threepwood.

The next person picks Gabriel Knight and leaves:

Adventure Gamers or Just Adventure.

The next person picks Adventure Gamers and leaves:

Amend the US constitution so that Bush becomes Dictator Perpetuus or Suffer through non-stop Chinese water torture until the day you die.

And so on and so on. Try to be creative so that we can learn about each other more.

I will get us started with a simple one:

Heroes or 24.
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