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Originally Posted by bpfinsa View Post
These past couple of weeks have three new high profile adventure games being released: Phoenix Wright 2, Hotel Dusk, and Sam and Max Episode 3. In some ways, it seems like its been surging these past couple of years, rather than dying...
I would add Myst URU Online to the above titles. Cyan and Gametap seem to backing up this resurrection experiment all the way. I just hope it takes off. Firstly because I love everything regarding the Myst universe and secondly because I always find it fun to have another human-controlled character playing along with me. It works greatly in WoW and perhaps it will work greatly in URU.

Here's a little tip too, 2D or 2.5D games don't sell hardware... We are just entering the 3D realm whereas in the FPS camp the talk is all about DX10. We are way behind and sadly this is the plain truth. There is a lot of catching up to do but I can see no good budgets or innovative producers to do so. If the 3D thing is to be done, developers should it properly. A 3D game that looks like 3-5 years old visually is a dead goose. Sadly most, well ALL adventures games look like that. Before anyone starts flaming about 3D graphics and how graphics are not important and blah,blah,blah I am referring to mainstream market success not the adventure niche clique.
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