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Originally Posted by Melanie68 View Post
I guess I would rather see the action than read the words. Go and play a Kheops game (which isn't everyone's cup of tea either. It's good to like inventory ) or a Telltale game or a Deck13 game or etc, etc and see that they have gone out and tried to do something that they believed in. Sometimes these small companies or independent game developers succeed and sometimes they don't but they get a load of respect from me for even trying and putting themselves out there in the first place.
Still, these threads are like a car crash. Eventually you'll end up taking a look anyway... kinda creepy. Especially in the light of this,

Originally Posted by Trep
Why would they want to post a headline that says: "New 2D point-n-click linear adventure game announced" and risk getting disinterested readers and advertisers?
or even this

Originally Posted by Jake
A new slogan for PC gaming: "All genres are niche genres. Get the f*ck off my lawn."

or this

Originally Posted by Gamespot
Thousands of games are released every year
I suggest to stop talking genre and start talking games, for those who want to continue. Like this guy did in an older thread:

Especially these days, an adventure game needs to offer a specific experience rather than just a new location to do the same old stuff in, even if the actual mechanics are the same. The big names in other genres have pretty much unanimously gone for this. You don't buy, say, Max Payne for a third person shooter, you buy it for a film noir/action movie experience. Vice City isn't a driving game about a guy called Tommy Vercetti. It's your opportunity to don a brash Hawaiian shirt and do the Scarface thing. Likewise, something like Bloodrayne may stick its protagonist's name and sundry leather-clad body parts on the front of the box, but it's still more about about hissing "Vampires. With guns!" than "Tomb Raider, but with this girl instead!"
Dead on. PS: Personally I'm really interested in how "Overclocked" will turn out to be. Unfortunately the release date has been pushed back from April to October, it seems, although none of the official sites confirm this. Patience, padawan.
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