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Originally Posted by sethsez View Post
In any case, the point is that DS adventure games have gotten people who otherwise don't care about the genre talking about it.
That may be your point, but that isn't the point. My post was in response to Spiwak's post which included:

Let's just hope the DS is home to more "adventures" that build sme notoriety for story-based games (if "adventure" is meant to describe only lucas/sierra p&c games, then I'm referring to story-based games), because everyone knows that there are people out there that want them.....

I think most people don't give the gaming community enough credit in these discussions; a large part of the community is intelligent and wants a good story in a game.

I'm surprised that my post resulted in all sorts of concern about the accuracy of DS sales and yet those concerned ignored the 'a large part of the community is intelligent and wants a good story'! That is what resulted in my response- which was to the effect that DS sales are not alone going to resurrect an adventure game story-based genre, nor does liking P&C (read Myst-like games) make one less intelligent- and that is the (read my) point.

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