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It would seem the Japanese are the adventure game genre's saviors. The fact that major publishing companies, like Nintendo and Capcom, are putting out adventure games on Big Name Store shelves and people are loving them and they're actually generating sales and cult followings (especially in Japan) is something to hopeful for. The problem with the adventue game isn't a lack enthusiasm - far from it, I think the adventure community is one of the more passionate out there. The problem is that people within the community keep hoping we will cling to our old ways for nostalgia's sake or something, when the point-and-click method has died for the most part. Let's just hope the DS is home to more "adventures" that build sme notoriety for story-based games (if "adventure" is meant to describe only lucas/sierra p&c games, then I'm referring to story-based games), because everyone knows that there are people out there that want them. Just look at the almost completely fan-mad hype surrounding Hotel Dusk. Very little marketing involved, but still it seems to be one game that everybody with a DS wants.

I think most people don't give the gaming community enough credit in these discussions; a large part of the community is intelligent and wants a good story in a game.
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