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Originally Posted by Nautilus View Post
Videogames as we know it are dying, but adventure games are like books, with a much higher lifespan.

Racing games, shooters, etc are the same boring (or fun) games of 20 years ago but with more impressive graphics/audio. No one plays old action games, but a lot of people plays old (and new) adventure games.
Please just stop the whole "adventures are for the elite and shooters are for braindeads" rant. It's an old and highly boring story not too mention totally untrue.

Adventures certainly aren't what they used to be. Will they ever come out into the major business zone again I don't know but fingers crossed things seem to be moving a bit. Dreamfall, Fahrenheit, Sam & Max drew some mainstream attention and most of the times scored quite well. People outside our nice little clique showed some interested. That’s good.

The way I see it, it’s either you risk your head (bigger budget) and go with a nice 3D engine, modern controls and hybrid gameplay in order to reach more people or you play safe and release a cost effective 2,5D or better still node based game for the small niche market. I hope more developers will pick the first option this year rather than the second.
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