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Originally Posted by Nautilus View Post
No one plays old action games
Gonna have to call "bullshit" on this. People do still play old action games. Hell, a large part of the Wii's business model hinges on this fact, and it's doing very well for itself so far. Classic game compilations also sell well, and re-releases on the GBA and DS have been successful. There's a thriving retro game scene, complete with its own magazine devoted to it (Retro Gamer), and the popularity of MAME and its ilk, though certainly of questionable legality, comes from people's desire to play the games they grew up with.

I don't really see why you felt the need to attack action games in order to defend adventures, but if the crux of your theory rests on "people play old adventures but not old action games" then I think you're going to need to tweak it a bit, because that's a faulty premise.

Originally Posted by Elisabetta611 View Post
Adventure games may not be completely dead but other than THE LONGEST JOURNEY I don't know ONE game released after 1999 that can hold a candle to the classics.
Depending on your preferred style, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney has been pleasing just about everyone.
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