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I've sure played quite a few adventure games. When I started playing them I found them very inventive, but now after all these years I'm finding them repetitive. So I'm drifting away from the entire genre, and am not really too excited about the latest news and releases anymore. I don't think I'm alone in that. While the forums used to be full of gaming talk, now many of them are simply chitchat. That must reflect something of a trend. Has it all been said and done? Or does it just seem like it?

Also, judging by the forums that I read there are not a lot of younger people playing adventure games - with maybe an exception for the Nancy Drew series. Maybe they play but don't participate in forums too much, could be. Whatever. So who will buy adventure games when all of us old bats croak? Ah, that's right! A dying genre in more ways than one. How depressing........

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