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Talking of Blade Runner, I just watched Children of Men earlier tonight. There are some clear influences, such as the animals roaming around in the city. No SF movie can completely escape the shadow of Blade Runner, of course.

It's a great movie. Not quite the transcendental masterpiece some critics have hailed it as, but a high-quality, serious science fiction film (and, for a cynic like myself, satisfyingly paranoid). The theme of erosion of civil liberties and the internment of illegal immigrants is a lot more timely than the implausible epidemic of infertility that supposedly renders us all sterile within the next couple of years.

Children of Men would make an interesting double-bill with Pan's Labyrinth, the last film I watched in a cinema theatre. Cuaron and Del Toro are buddies, and film makers with similar esthetics. Both their films are well written and well acted, and blend realism with a fantastic genre (science fiction and fairy tale, respectively). Both movies cover the hauntingly beautiful as well as horrifying violence. I think Pan's Labyrinth might actually be a masterpiece, though.
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