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No, I have a problem with how you post your disagreements with me, Eureka. I would've replied in a more gentle tone if you had also. I trust you're a very nice fellow and I would love to discuss topics with you but why is it you're always posting so defensively yourself? That makes me feel like I'd have to be defensive myself. How would I know you don't mean any harm when we're not in the same room and all I have to work with are the words you write? Words like 'who the hell' or 'I don't care' could be taken as less aggressive if I saw that you had a shrug and a smile on your face and I would understand, but I can't see that in an online forum - if you're smiling.

If you'd take some time to look me up here you'll find I'm actually a reasonably good forum member, not perfect, but I am well liked (I've been here for over five years). So please, no more misunderstandings? Thank you.

And sorry, mods, for this. I'm just trying to clear the air.
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